Hector Camacho

Perhaps aside from Muhammad Ali, Hector “Macho” Camacho was arguably the most charismatic, attention grabbing, and outrageously entertaining boxer in recent memory. Known for wearing provocative outfits and delivering self-aggrandizing pronouncements to anyone within earshot (“I’m smart, handsome, humble, …and one awesome prizefighter!”), he turned heads everywhere he went. His natural-born abilities as a performer were matched only by his skills inside the ring, where he destroyed opponents with his lightning-fast hands and frustrating combinations. At a time when the boxing world boasted a constellation of personalities, his star shined brighter than the rest and he was poised to be the first Latino fighter with true crossover appeal…but something happened along the way.

Camacho’s many run-ins with the law and problems with drug addiction are as legendary as his wild antics. He tried just as many times to straighten himself out, but his restless energy and the rampant drug-use of those close to him, kept tripping up Macho. It was a fight he was unable to win.

This 90 minute documentary will take you through Hector Camacho’s triumphs and trials as well as introspections from the beginning of his career in the 1980s to his 2012 murder at age 50 in an alleged drugrelated drive-by shooting that put a final punctuation to a colorful life not even the Macho Man could control.


Camacho had a career record of 79-6-3 and was only knocked down three times. In December of 2015, Camacho was elected into the Boxing Hall of Fame. He was inducted in June of 2016, nearly four years after his untimely death.